How It Works

How It Works

Learn how CigRx is different

When you pop a CigRx lozenge in your mouth, it immediately begins to dissolve – and there are two dietary ingredients that go to work: anatabine (an-ATA-bean) and mate (mah-TAY). Anatabine is an alkaloid found in a number of plants including, for example, green tomatoes, peppers and potatoes, as well as in tobacco.

Anatabine appears to mimic the brain activity that occurs when you take in nicotine - but is not addicting in the same way that nicotine is. Yerba mate leaves are brewed into a tea beverage that is consumed daily by millions of people in a number of countries in South America. Mate is a mild stimulant and appears to work with anatabine to help reduce the urge to smoke.

So within minutes of popping a CigRx into your mouth, the ingredients in the dissolving lozenge are going to work to make your brain think you are getting nicotine – without the nicotine!


CigRx is manufactured for Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals at a facility that has received the “cGMP” – which stands for Current Good Manufacturing Practice. This means that the manufacturer has had an FDA inspection and has been determined to be fully compliant with current good manufacturing practices. While CigRx is a dietary supplement, NOT a drug, drug products can only be manufactured at cGMP facilities.

Why choose CigRx?

Why Choose CigRx?

When you choose to try CigRx, you are choosing to purchase a dietary supplement that stands apart from competitors in very important ways:

Clinical Studies:

• Before CigRx entered the market place, it was the subject of 23 separate tests to assess the safety and abuse potential of the product. These tests were conducted by researchers at one of the most renowned academic hospitals in the United States, and at a top-notch independent testing group.

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